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Who We Are

Based in Conwy North Wales, Youth Friendly started nine years ago and is a growing organisation. We believe in the importance of using design, film and media to communicate with children and young people, involving them in decisions that affect their lives and giving them a 'voice'.

Over the last nine years we've had the fun and privilege of

  • being involved in many different projects including developing hundreds of youth friendly versions of strategies and policies across social services, health and education services.
  • developing resources for schools, charities, disabled young people and various hard-to-reach groups and training toolkits for professionals, volunteers and teachers.
  • creating many films and animations that have helped to communicate children’s rights and the challenges and experiences of families and children across the UK.

We believe that information projects, websites, consultations and media must engage, relate and communicate if they are going to be effective.

If there is anything we can do to help you or your organisation; give us a call.

Our Principles

At Youth Friendly we work to and support the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). In addition, we have developed a core set of principles that guide and underpin everything we do:

Participation - Children and Young People are involved and included in every project. Participation is far beyond a box-ticking exercise; it is our identity.

Fun - We work to make consultations and projects fun. We believe it brings out the best in people.

Creative and Fresh - Media and resources should be creative and fresh, not just dusting up what’s been done before.

Innovative - We find new ways to do things that solve problems and deliver better results.

Excellence - For us, 'good enough' is not good enough, especially when it comes to children and young people.

Inclusive - Everyone should be able to take part, this is supported by actively engaging, networking and developing partnerships on this principle.

Safe - We aim at all times for people to be physically and emotionally safe. This includes CRB checks, careful interviewing, continuous training, fluid communication, creative planning and ‘switched on’ delivery.

Eco-friendly - We carbon offset our work, we Reduce, Re-use and Recycle where appropriate and our offices are in an eco-friendly building. However, promoting and supporting an eco-friendly culture with children and young people is what we believe will make the biggest impact.


  • Communications


    Communication is more about what the reader thinks and feels than just putting down everything you want to say. We use infographics, animation, film, illustrations and layout style to truly communicate and build engagement.
  • Resources


    Developing resources is our favourite activity. We create curriculum resources for schools, interactive games and training resources. Our youth advisory group help develop clear logical structure that helps the resources communicate and stay in people’s minds.
  • Toolkits


    A good toolkit brings together clear step-by-step resources that flexibly adapt to the wide range of audiences. It sets out a structured path to learning, remembering and doing. Our toolkits are used to engage young people, explore children’s rights, develop local and regional plans, with young carers and in the new curriculum.
  • Training


    Online training can be supported, interactive and engaging. It’s an effective way to deliver the highest standards consistently, affordably with flexibility and sustainability. As well as developing training projects for clients, we are developing our own training to support people to deliver Youth Friendly document themselves.

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